Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Christmas Magic with Mommy

Tonight our Christmas countdown was one I was looking forward to all week long. I read books to my girls every time I put them to bed, but tonight we decided to make a comfy area in front of the Christmas Tree instead.

We turned off the TV a little earlier than normal and settled in with three Christmas books I got at the library.

We snuggled up with mint hot chocolates, peppermint candies and our warm blankets.

Helping the girls open their mints.

Story Time

They loved the peppermints and the stories...

I loved cuddling with them and the ambiance of the Christmas tree added a little bit more "Christmas Magic"to our story time ;)

And PS: here is an update on our daily Santa beard. Look how cute he is looking. His beard is "growing" in nicely huh? ha ha.

See you tomorrow :)

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