Thursday, December 22, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Frosty & Annual MNO with Neighbor Friends

Today was day 1 of Ella's Winter Break!! Yay!! She doesn't go back to school till January 9th so we have a long time to have some fun! We plan on taking Ella to all her favorite places that she doesn't normally go to often cause she is in school all day. We decided to take the girls to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch and playtime. The girls had a blast, Ella hit a jackpot on one of the games and we had tons of tickets to get some great prizes. Later that night the girls settled in to watch a movie with Daddy so I could ready for my Mom's Night Out.

Tonight's movie was Frosty! It is one of my favorites and I was sad to miss it but glad they got to snuggle up with Daddy for it.

The neighborhood girls and I went to dinner for our annual gift exchange. This year we did it Yankee swap style instead of pulling names. (PS I love the half naked Abercrombie model as eye candy)

Here are the girls :)

Opening gifts!

Stealing gifts!! ;)

We had a great time at dinner

and a great group of ladies...

Then it was off to the Piano Bar where the drinks were flowing pretty fast and strong - yikes! And unfortunately there is a distinct difference between sober Jill's face and drunk Jill's face if you compare below with the pics above. lol

Merry Christmas Everyone! See you next year. (only if a certain someone promises not to be 90 minutes LATE for dinner next time. ahh hemm) ;)

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