Friday, December 23, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Kim & Gerry's Christmas Party

Our dear friends Kim and Gerry invited us to a Christmas party at their home. Kim's Dad and Step-Mom and her Brother were in town visiting so it was a great opportunity to have them meet many of their friends.

I wish I took more photos to be honest. I snapped a few of some Holiday decor when I first got there.

But honestly they put the food out and between making sure Ella, Ryen and myself had something to eat and getting to know so many of Kim and Gerry's friends (who were all so welcoming and inviting), I just decided to put down the camera and be IN the moment which is just as important as documenting the moment! I did manage to snap photos of the desserts I brought before they were ALL gone. Barely had time! ;) I brought Reindeer cake pops and candy cane cake balls.

We just went to a dinner party recently where almost no one introduced themselves to my husband and I. I had to go around and say hello and introduce myself to every person there. So it was so refreshing to have people coming up to us and introducing themselves to us at this party, and asking us how do we know Kim and Gerry, and where are we from etc. I was super stoked to get to meet Anita (Kim's Step-Mom) cause she and I have been interacting on Facebook for so long, and have gotten so comfortable I literally thought I already knew her. LOL.

The food was AMAZING!! There was a salad with mescalin greens,apples,dried cherries,walnuts and pomegranate vinaigrette as a starter. Turkey Rouladen stuffed with wild rice and cranberries or Standing Prime Rib Roast as an entree and Smashed carrots and potatoes laced with sweet butter and fresh Green Beans with mushrooms as the sides. Not to mention rolls. If you are ever in need of a local caterer, I recommend their catering company. Heidi's Catering.

Then I gave the kids some sticker activities to do on the walls for some fun. These were a big hit.

We also had a little chubby baby named Henry that took a real liking to me and my girls. I wanted him under my tree on Christmas morning. So did Ella and Ryen!! :)

Ryen enjoyed some time in front of the fire for a bit.

Then the girls sat and colored while Mommy had coffee and an amazing Pecan pie (which I just found out today thanks to my friend Sue, that I pronounce it wrong. I say PEE-CAN and apparently it is PEH-KAHN) <-- Who knew?? LOL. I did manage to get a photo snapped of me and Jimmy before we left though. :)

I snapped a few more outside before it was time to go :)

Thanks for having us over Kim and Gerry and for letting us meet your family and friends. You are truly blessed and so are we to have you both in our lives. xo

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