Friday, December 16, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Polar Express

We picked Ella up early from school on Friday and told her ONLY that we were heading up North so her and Ryen could see snow. Ryen has never seen it and Ella was 15 mos the last time time she saw it (see below)

I was excited for them to see the snow, never mind The Polar Express. That was like icing on the cake!! So we started driving and 40 minutes into our 3 hr ride the kids were already asking "are we almost there" ugh!! We turned on a movie for them and told them to settle in and look for snow on the ground and then they would know we were almost there. They were excited for the challenge

Finally we saw the mountains and the snow! Ryen was asleep but Ella kept singing "We are almost there, almost there, there is snow everywhere!!"

As we entered Williams, AZ the girls saw a Train and immediately asked what the train was for. Daddy said, what do you think? Polar Express they screamed!!! This was their reaction...

While I checked us into our hotel Daddy and the kids had a snowball fight.

Then we changed the kids into their jammies and bathrobes and headed out to dinner. We got some great pics in front of the train first!

We had a while before we had to board out train so we had a fun and leisurely dinner.


Cookies and hot chocolate time!

Then the girls created a game to play while we rode to the North Pole.

Pretty soon we were at the North Pole and the girls got to see the lights of the North Pole village. Then Santa came on board to see all the kids.

They were so excited when they saw Santa come on board

And he gave them each their own jingle bells!!

The girls LOVED their bells and kept ringing it right next to mine and Daddy's ears to ask if we could hear it. Of course we can hear it cause WE BELIEVE!!! ;)

Ella sang carols and kept an eye out for Rudolph on his training runs.

Ryen and Daddy played.

Both girls played with eachother

and with the servers on the train!

Then we got our ticket punched!!

Hugs for Mommy and Daddy to say thank you!

Then they gave each of us these souvenir collectible tickets!!

Time to switch lenses and head outside for some Winter pics in the snow!

Everything was decorated so fun!

The girls loved playing in the snow!

I loved being in the snow with my babies!

But we got cold FAST!! It was only 25 degrees! That is cold for these thin blooded Arizona babies. So we headed inside to meet Mrs. Claus!

She was so nice

Then we sat and colored pictures for Santa.

Ryen was super excited to put it in Santa's mailbox. Daddy loved helping her!

Awww my love...

Next we watched the train table for a bit.

Then headed outside for more fun and we bumped into Mrs. Claus again!! She insisted on taking another pic with the girls. (she even yelled WAIT FOR ME which the girls thought was hilarious!)

Once again we got cold and had to run inside to warm up for a few minutes.

But it wasn't long before they were back outside in the snow again! They couldn't stay away.

Finally we had a horse and carriage ride to end the night and gallop through town to look at the Christmas lights

We had an amazing trip and the girls had so much fun! Unfortunately we had only 24 hours cause we had to hurry home to Phoenix to see The Nutcracker.

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