Thursday, December 8, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Christmas Fun at the Mall

So I fell behind on this blog in documenting our DAILY Christmas countdown of activities. So I am playing catch up now! First on the 8th we had a special Mommy/Daughters date night where I took the girls to the outdoor mall to see it decorated for Christmas. They really do a great job here and the girls love this mall.

Look at how cute they are:

Immediately we ran into this new light display that is set to music and plays every hour on the hour. Sweet!!

Next we went to Build-A-Bear with the intent of celebrating Rudolph and Clarice Carilli's FIRST Birthdays, by purchasing them an accessory. However, the girls decided they wanted to get new animals instead and they just happen to have some birthday money from Auntie Lori AND a smokin' deal at B-A-B. So we did it!!

Ryen chose a Happy Feet Penguin with a light up bow tie and Ella chose a Bunny Rabbit!

Manning the fluffernator (that's what I call it)

Hug tests!

My favorite part... making wishes on their animals' new hearts :)

Bath time!

Birth Certificates!!

When we were done we headed outside and saw the light show was starting again. AND it is even more beautiful when it's fully dark!

Here is a short video of the girls dancing with Clara and Brittany.

After we headed into the Puppy store so the girls could say hello to the animals.

Stopping to pose with their new babies :)

Next we headed over to Frost for some GELATO :) It was amazingly DELISH and FRESH with imported ingredients. Made fresh on site. And the best part is 85% less calories and fat than ice cream :)

All in all we had a GREAT night and some new friends to take home.

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