Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Making Paper Stockings

Today was a crazy hectic day. So boy I was excited to have an easy low key Christmas activity. Today's Day 7 Christmas countdown consisted of a homework project of Ella's which was to make and decorate a paper stocking.

First we covered our paper stocking with Hot Pink Felt to give it the feel of a stocking but with a bright fun color. Then we added her name with glue and different colored glitter. We also overlayed a silver glittery Christmas ribbon over the white part of the stocking to glam it up a little. She didn't want to do cotton balls or glitter, she chose that instead.

Next she had to write a note to Santa and tell him what she would like to find in her stocking.

Here is the finished product although something tells me she will ask me to hot glue a candy cane or something to it...

Next we took the girls outside to surprise them with our newest addition to our Holiday Family, Frosty :)

Ella was very excited to have a new friend to join Polar Bear :)

Lastly we headed inside to watch a new Christmas Special we had not seen before ;)

See you tomorrow! :)

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