Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Christmas Trees & Frosty The Snowman

Today was a pretty laid back day as far as Christmas activities go. Ryen and I headed to Ella's school to visit the Holiday Shop and buy Ella some cute gifts from her sister. It was really cute for Ryen, although hard for her to remember that we were not shopping for her, ha ha. Here is some cute stuff she picked out for her sissy.

Later when the kids were both together we made Christmas trees on the wall using re-stickable vinyl.

These came out so cute. And the girls loved making them. And the best part is they were only $1 each at the Dollar Store! Gotta love it.

And the girls love that they can take change their tree over and over since these decals are re-stickable. :) PS (Ryen's on left and Ella's on right)

After our Christmas Trees I got my babies all snuggled on the couch with their blankets and snacks while I got a movie ready for them... SORRY FOR THE HORRIBLE PIC QUALITY. MY LENSES ARE ALL IN THE SHOP AND I WAS USING MY PHONE :(

Our Christmas tradition is Frosty's Winter Wonderland

He is so cute!

And of course I had to snuggle up with them!

We love this movie, especially when Frosty gets married.

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