Saturday, December 10, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- Girl Scout Ornaments and Swimming with Santa???

This morning the girls and I got up early to head to Fountain Hills. Our Girl Scout troop was going to stand outside of Ace Hardware and pass out free handmade ornaments to shoppers and wish them Merry Christmas. The girls were so excited and so proud of their ornaments. We set up a little table with a Christmas tree and all our ornaments.

The girls did great considering that we stood there for a few hours passing them all out. We took some bathroom breaks and popcorn breaks but for the most part they were working it. It was a great exercise to teach them social skills, get them comfortable talking to people, overcome shyness etc. And they got a lot of compliments on their ornaments.

Afterwards we headed across the street to this beautiful city park to have a picnic and play a bit. The kids were all pretty tired after this and Mommy was super short on sleep from last night's ugly sweater Christmas party. The wind started to pick up which made it feel extra chilly, so we headed home.

We weren't home long before we headed out to a Holiday Event at Aqua Tots called "Swimming with Santa". I was so excited for this and talked about it ALL week. I told all my friends and was super excited for my girls who LOVE swimming to be able to swim with him. We can go see him at the mall or anywhere, but how many chances do you get to SWIM with him? Umm.... NONE! It started at 2 and we got there right when it started. I asked what time Santa gets in the water and they told me 2:30pm. So I decided to fore-go all the activities outside and save those for after Santa. These included cookie decorating, ornament crafts, face painting and balloon animals. So in the water my fishies went.

Didn't take long before they were back in the groove again.

Mommy even hopped in to swim with them for awhile!

Swimming with Santa really became swimming for 90 minutes WAITING for Santa. I was SO frustrated cause if I knew it was gonna be delayed an hour, I would have had my kids make an ornament, decorate a cookie etc FIRST. Then they come in and say it is FINALLY time for Santa. But they want all the kids to get out and dry off if they want to see Santa. I am like what??? I thought Santa was getting in the water. "Yes but not till every kid gets to meet him and take a picture with him" UGH! Remember I was told Santa would be IN THE WATER at 2:30pm. Thankfully they love to swim so much they didn't notice we had waited 90 minutes. But I DID.

So we dried off to meet "Santa". Yeah... ummmm.... Santa was a 5 foot tall GIRL who works at Aqua Tots and had painted toe nails sticking out of her scuba foot fins. She had a pillow shoved up her Santa outfit and tied with a tight belt. And she tried real hard to disguise her female voice. Ella was like, Mommy that was not Santa, it was a girl and she had painted toe nails. I told her Santa was busy somewhere else today and Aqua Tots hired someone to PLAY Santa. She was disappointed but said she understood Santa can't be everywhere at once. Pheww! Thanks a lot Aqua Tots for the awkward moment. I realize not every Santa can be good but make a better effort or don't at all. There should never be a Santa that looks like this... LOL!

Afterwards Santa STILL did not get back in the pool, she went out a back door instead. So me and the kids changed out of our bathing suits and went outside for the face painter.

The face painter was awesome and did a great job. After we hit up the balloon animal lady. She was really good also!

Even though I was annoyed with the experience and it was NOT what I wanted to give my kids, what was important was THEY didn't know any different and they had a blast! And I really do appreciate that Aqua Tots holds these free Spring, Fall and Holiday events in the community, and we for sure will be back to them again. :)

(oh and we didn't leave till 4pm. The event was from 2-5. And "Santa" was standing in the back alley with a couple co -workers, STILL not in the pool when we left.) That's just awesome :/

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