Monday, December 19, 2011

25 Days of Christmas- World Holidays and GS Christmas Party

On Monday I volunteered at Ella's school to help the Kindergarteners do Holidays Around the World. Each classroom was teaching the way a different country celebrates Christmas, and there was an activity to do in each class. I loved helping the kids with their projects.

And I love seeing my baby girl. So excited she only has two more days of school and then she is mine for all of Holiday break!!

When Ella got home from school we had our last Girl Scout meeting of 2011 and we decided to turn it into a small Christmas party. We invited the parents and siblings to join us for pizza and desserts and I had it at my house. After a little bit of playing the girls decided they wanted to put on a fashion show. So they all put different costumes and dresses on from our dress up trunk.

Ella opened the show

Even the baby got into it, ha ha!

Here are the models after the show! LOL

Next we headed outside to decorate cookies.

The babies had fun even though they couldn't make cookies, ha ha!

Then we headed inside for a little ceremony and the girls recited the Girl Scout promise and law complete with like some honor scouts hand signal. (don't know where that came from lol)

Group hug!

Each of the girls was presented with their smock and their petals and troop numbers that they have earned.

Ella was very proud.

We have a great group of Moms and a great group of girls, and I look forward to a great year next year!

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