Tuesday, December 18, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - Bass Pro Shops Santa's Village

This year we headed back to Bass Pro Shops again to visit the North Pole. We met our friends Trish and Sarah and their kids Summer, Leo, Addison and Taylor :)

Not sure if it was because we waited till closer to Christmas to visit, or if this place is just getting insanely popular but everything seemed different. They were giving out tickets which had your photo time and they were lining people up in corrals by the time on your card. Luckily when we got there someone had an extra and handed it to my friends Trish and Sarah. Otherwise we may have had to wait hours longer than we wanted to on this school night, to see the fat jolly man! :)

Love this picture of them just interacting with Santa.

Next we explored all the cool stuff in the store for awhile!

Then we headed to the carousel!

We would have loved to stay and do more of the fun Holiday activities they had, but it was
getting late, the kids were hungry and it was a school night. So we headed to the restaurant inside the store. It is called Islamorada Fish Company. The place was not busy at all, which was surprising considering the number of people that were there in the store. Here are Summer and Leo at dinner. I can't say I will eat there again as the service was soooooooooooo slow and it took 90 minutes to have dinner on a SLOW week night. :(

And I got two pics of my girls in front of trees today! One at home when they wore their Santa hats to school for Spirit week and one at the Bass Pro shops. They have a super tall tree that is gorgeous!!

7 more days to go...

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