Monday, December 10, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - 2012 Girls' Ornament Choices

When our girls were one we bought them Christmas trees for their bedrooms. Just little ones to put on the bureau adorned with an ornament with their initials. Every year after that one of our Christmas traditions is to take the girls to Target and let them pick out an ornament for their trees. This is my FAVORITE Christmas activity to do with them. Tonight was the night!

This year Ella picked Justin Bieber (of course) and little Ryen picked a Princess Castle!


After bath time it was time to put their ornaments on their trees.


The girls trees are seriously one of my most prized possessions. I love looking back at the Ornaments they picked each year cause it truly is a reflection of exactly who they were at that age. Here is where we stand now. Ryen's ornaments: 2yrs: Dora Ornament 3yrs: Candyland lollipop (her 3rd birthday was Candyland theme) 4yrs: Princess Castle and Ella's ornaments: 2yrs: Elmo 3yrs: Princess crown 4yrs: Ballerina 5yrs: Hannah Montana guitar 6yrs: Justin Bieber

15 more days to go!

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