Tuesday, December 4, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - Email Videos from Santa (Portable North Pole)

Tonight it was time to have the girls view their videos from Santa. This is one of their favorite Christmas activities and one that I LOVE too! I love customizing their videos from Portable North Pole. If you haven't done this for your kids you, you HAVE to try it out. The entire video is customizable. You enter your Kids names, ages, upload photos of them, put in what they want for Christmas and Santa sends them a video message through email.

Last year Ryen went first. So this year Ella is going first. :)

Next it was Ryen's turn!

And before he said goodbye to both girls in their videos he made sure to tell them he knows what they want and is working on it.

AND that he knows where they live and knows where to find them on Christmas morning!

The girls loved their videos from Santa again!!

And these smiles are exactly why I try to make Christmas time so magical for these babies of mine! I know the number of years I have left of this are but a fleeting moment and I want to savor EVERY minute of it while I can.

I love Christmas... 21 more days to go!

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