Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - Santa Beards

Last year the girls and I started a new tradition of Santa Beards using cotton balls! It was super cute. Basically another way to countdown to Christmas or maybe in this case "add up". You add a cotton ball to Santa's beard each day until Christmas. The closer we get to Christmas the more full the beard gets. This was not my idea I found it on a blog.

This year I happened to be in Target and saw THESE in their Dollar bins!! Looks like this idea (whomevers it was) has caught on. I grabbed them thinking my girls would like to each have their own and all the cotton balls came included. The reason I bought these ones is because I liked the idea of them each having their own and them each having their own theme... one snowman and one Santa.

If your local Target doesn't carry them or has sold out, no worries. The files I created last year to do this can be printed from home here. I did still print out the cute Santa beard poem cause I just think it is so adorable. We waited till right after bath time to get started.

And we hung them on the wall.

Go time!

The girls are so excited to add to it everyday and because we got a late start tonight they got to add 3 cotton balls each! Now the downside to buying these guys... the cotton balls were very heavy. So they were falling off and the glue could not hold them.

So we had to take them off the wall and have the girls lay it flat to glue them on and leave them there to dry. Which I was not crazy about. I will hang them up after they dry, but we will have to do this every night until I go out and get different cotton balls :) But now I am thinking of making a stocking file for next year and a poem about the stocking not having any fur on top and the girls can put their cotton balls on the stocking next year :) We shall see. But don't worry. If I do I will have it on the blog and will have the files for download. Either way the girls are excited to have this tradition back this year! :)

22 more days to go till the big day!

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