Sunday, May 15, 2011

Enchanted with Encanto

My kids love Enchanted Island at Encanto Park. They do. It is a low budget amusement park that gives the kids a ton of thrills for a fraction of what you pay at a normal amusement park. And when our BFFs The Seever Girls invite us somewhere, we are THERE. lol. And it helped that Pam had all these free passes from when she had Madison's Birthday party there.

The girls and I were going into Scottsdale that morning anyway to do a Mother Daughter Photo shoot, so it worked out PERFECT :)

As usual we had a blast with these girls. We went on rides:

Got completely drenched IN OUR CLOTHES in the Splash Pad area

Acted silly (PEEK-A-BOO)

Sat for some lunch to dry off...

Got our faces painted... (Ella and Madison were matching of course...)

Then we went on more rides!

We played games and won prizes...

One of which Ryen was VERY fond of as you can see :)

We rode the train, but only after the girls were allowed to pull the whistle!!!

Seriously, she was obsessed with Diego on the train too...

Ella and Mommy had fun getting silly on the train :)

Overall we had a great day just loving on our littles and making them feel special, as always. And there is no better way to spend a beautiful day then with great friends :) xoxo

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