Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

The first half of our Memorial Day we spent camping with neighbors at Sharp Creek. We were all a little beat up from camping. We realized three things... we didn't eat enough, we didn't drink enough water, and we got a little too much sun. On Sunday morning Jimmy got up with the kids and let me sleep. I must have been exhausted from camping cause I slept till 9:30am. We pretty much wanted to keep the kids mellow during the first half of the day cause we really needed Ryen to have a normal nap since she didn't really nap during our camping trip. So I took them to the gym for a bit but then went right home to put Ryen down. After nap it was time to open the Carilli pool for the season! :) The girls were SO excited. They were dying to use the fishing poles again, so that is pretty much what we did, along with breaking in the water table.

And look who else couldn't wait to get back into the water...

After dinner we ate grilled steaks, corn on the cob and potatoes outside by the pool. Ella and Ryen love when we eat poolside. The girls crashed hard at bedtime, just as we hoped. When I woke up this morning I thought Jimmy should have a turn to sleep in so I took the girls to the Hangar Cafe at the Chandler Airport.

We haven't been in a while and the girls love watching the planes take off. We sat outside on the patio for the best view.

After breakfast we walked around and looked at the planes. The girls went into the Hangar to get an up-close view and kept asking me to take their picture in front of almost every plane :)

When we got home we played in the front yard for a while to take advantage of the lower temps today.

After playtime we had lunch and then put Ryen in for a nap so that afterwards we could enjoy another family day by the pool. While Ryen was napping, I had to of course make sure the pool was ready for the girls... you know, the right temperature and all ;)

But when they were ready to swim it was on!

Ryen saw Mommy exercising by the pool and next thing I know she says "Mommy look I am exercising too!" It was SO funny!

They played their little hearts out until...

...they were ready to pass out, lol.

After swimming we had dinner and then took the girls out for some frozen yogurt. Our Memorial Day weekend was great and filled with quality family time and lots of fun. :) Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends as much as we did.

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  1. Too cute! We take Brody and Ayla to Hangar cafe all the time for their gigantic pancakes and watching the planes!