Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ryen's Graduation 2011

Today Ryen's "Toddler class" at Premier Learning Academy had their graduation ceremony. When Ryen starts school in August she will be out of the Toddler class and into the 3yr Preschool class. The school created a little short ceremony for the parents.

They all looked like deer in headlights when we walked in. And through the three songs they were supposed to sing, they just STARED... No one sang. Not one word. Only the teachers sang. bwaahahaha!!

I feel so bad for these teachers when they work so hard on these songs with the kids and spend weeks rehearsing and they get stage fright and sit there mute. It was adorable anyway and us parents got a great laugh out of it!

Then they called them up one by one to get their "diplomas"

Ella was there to give her hugs when she was done walking up to get her diploma...

She also got this GREAT souvenir for MOMMY. I LOVE IT!!! Look at my cutie pie in a cap and gown. I couldn't stop cracking up. Her hair is a mess and she looks miserable, ha ha!!

Afterwards, Ryen got to watch a photo slideshow of her and her classmates throughout the school year.

Recognize this cutie?

Then we all had cookies and punch to celebrate.

It is so nice of the school to do this for every level class. Tomorrow night is the preschool graduation and then Friday night is Ella's pre-K/Kindergarten graduation. These ladies at Premier Learning Academy realize the parents are the ones who get something out of these ceremonies and this is their way of saying thank you to us for entrusting them with our children all year. And this Mommy LOVES it! I can't wait for Ella's on Friday night.

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