Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goodbye Cape Cod!

Our last night in Cape Cod we visited the Marina. I was so bummed cause I love looking out over the bay and seeing all the beautiful boats. And of COURSE there had to be a ton of fog, low visibility and it was cool and rainy :( But we sucked it up and took the kids down there anyway for an after dinner stroll and some photos.

We found a lonely pirate skeleton and gave him some love :)

We stumbled across some folks fishing and since Ella and Ryen both recently got fishing poles (and LOVE them) they were eager to watch someone fish for a REAL fish instead of a pink or purple starfish or jellyfish, ha ha.

Then we raced over to this grassy area and walking path.

Follow the red brick road...

The kids loved running around the grass and enjoying the park.

But Ryen didn't so much love her grass covered baby feet ;)

My sister Lori and I. :)

I also got some nice pics of the beautiful scenery there.

What a great vacation in Cape Cod with my Mom and all my sisters and nieces and nephew :)

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