Thursday, June 30, 2011

Downtown Natick Day of Fun

There is a little place in Natick, MA that is actually now a protected historical monument. It is called Casey's Diner.

It is a little quaint food joint that serves up some of the best burgers and dogs and pie ANYWHERE!

Everytime we come home to visit we have to have at least one trip there. And I wont even tell you how many hot dogs and burgers my husband can put down in one visit there. But I make Daddy happy by taking the girls there even when he doesn't come home with us.

This place is so tiny as you will see in the pic below. There is one row of seats at a tiny little bar. And usually there are no seats available ever. We got lucky somehow.

After we stopped at this ADORABLE place called Crazy Jaynes.

I LOVE this place. It is in downtown Natick on Main Street. And the decor grabbed me as soon as we walked in the door.

This place has ice cream, toys, novelty penny candy, fun everywhere you look, colorful decor AND a pottery studio downstairs where kids can create some masterpieces if they want! If you haven't checked it out I recommend you do!

We started with some ice cream!

And some cuddles with Nana! :)

And then we had a dance party, right in the store!

And you can't buy a Dunkin' Donuts coffee here without getting a reminder we are in Beantown Baby! :)

After Crazy Jaynes we stumbled on a Mom and Pop toy store and played. They had all these toys out and a train table and baby carriage and even a cute Mom bench so the kids could play with stuff while the parents sit and watch.

We played for only a few minutes though, cause there was this weird grandma employee there who either had a bad case of OCD or was super anal, cause she kept taking toys out of the kid's hands to clean up or to put them back where they go. She even took the Hello Kitty out of the baby carriage that Ryen was pushing it around in, cause "a baby is supposed to go in there." Weird. LOL. So we left. But we still had a great time hanging out just blocks from where Jimmy and I had our first two apartments together :) I have a soft spot for Downtown Natick and will always love the area.

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  1. You really are super mom, doing all that fun girly stuff with your favorite girls. Can I come next time :(