Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!

For the first three days we were in Boston there was nothin' but RAIN! It was cold, wet and depressing. I realized all I was doing was drinking coffee, snacking and drinking margaritas. When I mentioned this to the lady behind the counter at the coffee shop she said, why do you think we are such a drinking state?? Hmmm...

I got many messages from friends jokingly accusing me of forgetting to bring the Arizona Sun home to Boston with me. Nothing was funnier though then my Mom having a blonde moment and accusing me of bringing the rain back to Boston with me... uh really? How much rain can I bring home from the DESERT??? ha ha! Good one Linda! :)

I did however get to spend lots of time with family while we were hunkering down at home. The first thing on our agenda was to meet my new baby nephew JAKE!! I fell in love instantly and so did my girls. How could I not??? :)

Our second rainy day was spent visiting my niece Isabella. The last time I saw Isabella she was only 5 mos old. Now she is almost 15 mos old. :/ She was so wonderful. The minute we walked in the door she made this O face with her mouth and was SO excited to see her cousins! Then she ran around chasing them around the playroom showing them her favorite toys :) Mamarazzi was in full force snapping her picture all day. ha ha. But she is so beautiful it was hard not to! Here are some of my favorites from the 200 I snapped that day. ;)

We had a great time visiting with Auntie Lisa and Isabella and it was a much needed pick me up after the cold temps and rain :)

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