Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cape Week: Pool and Trampoline Fun :)

We had a few times during our Cape Cod week when we had some down time and filled it by lounging by the pool at my parents house. Here are some pics of us having fun by the pool :)

Me and my beautiful niece Bella :)

My girls:

Pool fun!

Time out for some goldfishies with sissy...

And cooling off with frozen pops, thanks to Nana!! :)

We love snuggling poolside with babies! :)

And I just cant WAIT to meet my NEW niece (in belly below hanging poolside with her sister), who is coming at the end of September :)~

We also took the kids to a Trampoline place. It was super expensive (like $10 for 15 minutes of jumping PER KID) but once we were there they were so excited to jump we sort of had to do it. The Trampolines are all buried in the ground for safety reasons.


Ry Bunny:

Ella Bell:

Auntie Lori and I even tried to get in on the fun! :)

Next up... BEACH PICS!! :)

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