Monday, June 20, 2011

Is this thing on???

I know I have been slacking in the post department lately. BUT, I am super excited to have Ella home on Summer break! We have had an INCREDIBLE 3 weeks running around like crazy hitting all of Ella's favorite places that she misses out on while she is in school. I have TONS of pics and TONS of stuff to blog about. But today I am cleaning my house, running last minute errands and finishing packing cause the girls and I are are flying to Boston tomorrow for THREE WHOLE WEEKS. This will be the longest I will EVER be away from my husband in 10 years and the longest away from my dogs ever. :(

I do have a funny story to tell from last night however. After both kids were in bed I could have sworn I heard a voice say Mommy twice. But it sounded so clear and loud like the person was in the hallway. Ella's door was open and Ryen's was closed so I thought it must have been Ella. But when I went to her door I saw she was asleep. I went over to Ryen's door and didn't hear anything. I didn't want to open the door and wake her up if she was asleep too so I got down and peeked under the door. She must have known I was there cause the next thing I know I see her hand slip into the hallway from the under door and her voice softly says "hi Mommy". It was ADORABLE. So I laid on the tile and held her hand under the door. We had this cute conversation and I told her "Your bed is way more comfortable then the floor" and she said "Mommy will you tuck me in my bed?" I opened the door and she said "carry me to my bed Mommy" and she gave me the biggest bear hug.

What a great end to my cranky day :) Exactly what I needed...

MANY blog posts coming soon when I arrive in Boston and we have some down time --> what's that??? ha ha!

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