Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Like Traveling Back In Time

When I was visiting Boston we took the kids for a walk around my parent's neighborhood. The same neighborhood I grew up in on Springhill Rd...

Where there is now a real cool bunny population that never existed when I was a kid. These bunnies are practically my parents pets. They don't run away when they see us, and they would probably come inside and curl on the couch if we held the door open for them :)

Ryen finally tried a scooter for the first time :)

We walked to the park I played at as a kid. Except now there are huge play structures that they didn't really have back when I was young. All we had were some metal slides and some swings, and a baseball diamond and half court. But we also had a creek in the woods with wooden bridges and we would spend all day walking around in there and riding our bikes to this park. It was fun to go back with my own kids. I wish I had taken them to see the creek, but they were too busy with the play stuff. Maybe next time...

We took a break from playing to add some masterpieces to the half court

Even though so much is different, so much is the same as well, and it does sometimes feel like I am traveling back in time. I remember waking up on Saturday or Sunday mornings to the sound of the lawn mower and the smell of fresh grass, or the sound of the chit, chit, chit, chit, brrrrrrr. chit, chit, chit, chit, brrrrrrrr of my Dad's lawn sprinkler that would spray water over an entire section of grass before swinging back to the left to start all over again.

Now when I go to visit I wake up with a tiny foot kicking me in the stomach or a high pitched little voice saying "Mommy". But it is just as sweet. :) And I do get to go back in time everyday as a Mom when I see the joy of my own children's childhoods.

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