Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cape Cod Week... Mini Golf!!

We were hoping the skies would be clearer in Cape Cod and were thrilled to pack up the suitcases and cars and take a convoy down to my parent's second home in Hyannis, MA in the heart of Cape Cod. I was lucky enough to have my Sister Lori, Sister in Law Samara and Mom come down with me on Friday, and my Sister Lisa met us down there on Sunday. We had ALL the kids with us :) It was awesome. We were in tight sleeping quarters multiple people to a bed, the sleep sofa, pack n plays and co sleepers galore and I wouldn't have had it any other way. It was great. We did SO many things while there that I will have to split the posts up. Since we arrived too late on Friday to really do much other than just relax, unpack and get settled (and wait out the RAIN again), Saturday was our first day of fun. So we did what everyone does in Cape Cod... took my kids MINI golfing for the first time!

Yes I was excited for my kids to mini golf. But honestly this Mamarazzi aint gonna lie. There was only ONE reason I was dying to get my kids to the mini golf place... and that's cause I can not think of any place where you can get funnier, cheesier or cuter pics then a mini golf place!! Check out some of my favorites below.

PS: ignore these huge white glasses on my face. I borrowed them when mine went missing. it was either that I could not see in the sunlight :/

We took some real cute pics here and there:

And we actually did some mini golfing too amongst all the posing for pictures, believe it or not ;)

My girls had a great time for their first ever mini golf experience (even though Ryen gave up using the club and was throwing the balls into the holes and then laughing as they bounced out)

Even Baby Jake managed to have a good time... sleeping!

We had a great time together! :)

Oh, except at the end when BOTH my girls were hysterically crying cause I forgot to tell them that at the 18th hole the ball disappears down the cup and you don't get it back. Ooops! LOL ;)

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