Friday, June 24, 2011

Cape Cod Week... BEACH PICS!!

I couldn't wait to take my kids to the beach during our week in Cape Cod. These kids have been to the Ocean less then a handful of times in their life. And they LOVE IT. They love it so much that they didn't care that our first day at the beach was sunny for only an hour or so before it go cloudy, windy and chilly.

Guess what?? Someone else loves (and misses) the beach too!

The girls loved chasing the ferry boat

and watching the pirate ships go through the harbor. :)

And they certainly didn't think it was too cool or cloudy for the ice cream truck though!

The girls loved their frozen treat on the beach.

But NO ONE enjoyed her ice cream more than bunny!! ha ha! Love this face...

It is official however, there is nothing that makes me smile more than little feet and toes covered in sand...

Towards the end of our day they did enough digging and gathered enough water to bury their cousin Olivia.

At the end of a long day, we said goodbye to the seagulls and crabs, and gathered up the babies to head home. ;)

But we came back the next day! :) And this time not only did we have sun...

But we had cousin Isabella and Auntie Lisa with us!!

Oh and Baby Girl #2 on board came to the beach with us too. ha ha!

We had a great time playing with Bella at the beach...

We played in the sand, walked the beach, waved at the ferries and hunted for fish!

We rested up for lunch...

...and got a second wind for more fun in the sun!

My babies loved the beach and we had an incredible time! :)

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