Friday, July 1, 2011

Boston Trip 2011- Davis Farmland

While in Boston this Summer we visited Davis Farmland with my brother Joey and his family. We had never been there and the girls were super excited to go.

This place was awesome! We had SUCH a great day!!! We started off petting some bunnies and then saying hello to some kittens.

Next we got to feed some animals.

Ryen loved the goats and couldn't stop cuddling with them. :D

The kids got to hold a baby goat which they LOVED

And I got to snuggle with one too. And then he started chewing on my hair which so cute...

until we took him off and there was goat slobber all over my hair, lol!!

We saw some amazing animals:

Mamma met a Llama, (hardy har har)

The kids touched a snake (well some of them)

Then we took a break for lunch

Next we headed to this cool area where there was so much to do. The kids could build things, pretend play in a Farmers market, jump in bounce houses, play on swing sets, pretend to be camping, ride tractors (or maybe us big kids did that, ha ha). All the kids and even baby Jake had a great time.

The weather was beautiful all day!

But we did start to get hot so we headed over to the "splash pad" which was more like a splash pad on steroids. This place was INSANE!

This was the coolest thing ever and the kids could NOT get enough of it!

Uncle Joey and Ryen had tons of fun!

Running through the "car washes" to get the bubbles off

My girls were definitely wiped out after this :D

But we were far from done. We still had pony rides!!!

We snapped some cute pics while the kids were waiting for their turn on the ponies.

And do it yourself face painting!

Then it was off to see more animals

We met and touched a turtle.

And don't ask me what it was about Ryen but I swear animals followed her around like she was snow white. I was expecting blue birds to come fly around her head and start singing. This litle guy was particular fond of her, and as you can tell by the pics she was very fond of him too. She even said "C'mon goat. Time to go to the car and go home." She was not pleased to learn the goat had to stay behind :)

CUTEST. THING. EVER. Thanks for a great day Bagley Family! :) xoxo

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