Friday, July 22, 2011

Brooke's House!

Our group of friends LOVE playdates at Brooke's house. Brooke Betty Crocker Wilbricht always has some baked goods popping out of the oven and a steaming hot pot of coffee with flavored creamers ready for us women when we arrive. We sit and talk and catch up around the kitchen table like The Golden Girls. Except we have screaming toddlers running all over the place. But they play wonderful usually and it is a relaxing and fun time for all (well was relaxing for the Moms of little ones until Brooke's kids outgrew the baby gate on the stairs... ha ha) Here are some pics I snapped on a random coffee morning at Brooke's. Not all the kids are present in these pics. Seems I was in the mood to love on my buddy Katelyn and bribe her with lollipops.

Seems my kids were in the mood to love on the chubbalicious Natalie :)

They even inspired Big Sister Samantha to get in on the action... ;)

But who can resist this face?

I know I can't!! That's me snuggling with her in the photo on the left. Before little Diva demanded some food ;)

Nothing like a naked baby in a sink :)

Coffee at Brooke's anyone??

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