Sunday, July 3, 2011

A visit with The Yerardis

No trip home to Boston would be complete without a visit with my second family, The Yerardi Family. I grew up with Christine, my childhood best friend. I call her parents Mamma Bear and Pappa Bear and they call me Baby Bear. I also grew up with Michael. But I have only met Michael's wife Melanie in person once before this and that was on her wedding day. But I feel like I have known her forever. You ever meet one of those people that you just think you were meant to know? That is her. We have been talking almost daily on facebook since I met her and I was so excited to be able to go to her house for a BBQ with my girls. And they have a new son named Ryan so I couldn't wait to get my hands on him too!!

See how excited I was!? ha ha. But I had to share him with his Proud Noni!

And here is Miss Olivia. I just LOVE her.

Her little personality is so cool. Her and Ella hit it off immediately and were playing like they were old friends instead of girls who just met. :)

Ryen on the other hand, had just woken up from a nap and was being very shy with everyone.

But a little coaxing from her Big Sis and Miss Olivia and she was ready to join in the fun. :)

When it started to rain we headed inside for lunch and so I could get my BABY FIX. I seriously did not want to put him down.

But really? Look at this face. Can you blame me? Baby boys just melt me. :D

I reluctantly passed the baby back so I could take some pics with my girl :)

Then it was time to head outside with the girls again. The girls and I had brought some sticky bubbles and they had a blast playing with them!!

Love them!!

It was so fun watching them run around chasing bubbles.

Even Auntie Christine got in on the fun! :)

Then it on to the playset for some more fun...

Love this! What is more fun then being upside down on a swing?!

Time to say goodbye to Nana Bear and Papa Bear (what my kids will call them)

and while my girls played with a giant slinky, I said some goodbyes of my own...

And look three instant little besties, ha ha ha!

Can't wait to play with them again when we come home next, or when I can convince Mel that they all need to get on a plane and come visit :) xoxoxo

PS and maybe next time Mrs. Melanie will let me take her picture! ;)

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