Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boston- The Lost Pics (saying goodbye to my siblings)

Ok so maybe these pics weren't lost per se. More like they were buried under a hundred and one things on my to do list. But I still want to put them on the blog to preserve the rest of our trip from last Summer on this blog for my girls. We spent our last couple days in Boston spending time with each of my siblings. I went to my brothers house for dinner to say goodbye to him, my sister in law Samara and my nephews Justin and Jake. (no camera with me so no pics) Then we went and spent a day swimming at my sister Lisa's house and said goodbye to her, my brother in law Dave, and my niece Isabella :) I definitely had my camera this day though.

Look how beautiful my niece is :) To think this was 7+ mos ago and she is so much bigger now.

The girls played well together as usual :)

Then we hit the water :)

Ella and Isabella were having fun in a double float. Ella was taking good care to make sure her baby cousin was safe in the water. (even though nervous Auntie Lisa was never more than a foot away- ha ha)

Next thing I know little Ryen grabs an empty float and just puts in on and leaps into the water! Awesome!!

She had a blast just motoring around the pool!

We had such a fun day and it was hard to say goodbye. To think Guiliana was still in Lisa's belly when I left... sigh. Can't wait to hold her for the first time. :)

The next day it was to the beach with my sister Lori and we took my niece Olivia and my nephew Justin. We had never been to this beach before and it was actually quite fun!

Yes that's more like it...

And there was this great dock the kids couldn't wait to jump off of.

My gorgeous bikini baby just strutted all around and "swam" on her belly

She loved the water but kept getting too close to the dock and going in over her head :) My little daredevil! So me and Auntie Lori had to keep reigning her in :)

Then the kids played and made some sand castles before it was time to leave for the day :)

What a great last day in Boston :)

The cool thing about waiting so long to blog these photos is the realization that if all goes well it will only be 4 mos or so before I am home with them again :) YAY! xo

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