Saturday, July 16, 2011

Snow Day at the Zoo

There are not many chances to have my kids see snow in this town, that don't involve a 3-5 hour car ride. But once a year the Phoenix Zoo on a hot July day brings in tons of "snow" for the kids to play in. Now I use the word "snow" loosely here cause it is really like having your kids playing in a slushy icee than it is snow like I grew up in. But they don't care cause they love every second of it.

Their favorite part is making snow balls and throwing them at the other kids and adults. Most people are ok with it, and encourage the kids to throw gently and never in the face. But sometimes you do get the unsupervised idiot who heaves an ice ball at your kids face. Usually an older kid who is a little overzealous. But I always look out for those kids and shuffle my kids to a new spot when one is around. My girls love to pelt me with the snow balls however.

And of course when Ryen is slipping or having a hard time making snow balls, or just getting a little shy or overwhelmed, her sissy is there to help her. :)

The only problem with the snow day at the zoo is that all that ice and snow on the ground makes the immediate VERY humid. And since a typical day in July is over 100 it doesn't take long before sweat is dripping down the back of your legs. But luckily we are already in bathing suits and right next door to the snow is a splash pad for cooling off and hosing off the mud that the melted snow gets on our shoes. :)

No East Coasters can say their kids get to play in snow in their bathing suits... ;)

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