Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Spectacular!

This year I was back in Boston for July 4th. And I got to go to the party of the year! Seriously, these people know how to party! My family went to our cousin's house where they go all out every year for the Fourth! I was excited to be spending a 4th with Family for the first time in over 7 years!

The girls were excited to actually have a REAL 4th of July party to go to and they got all dressed up for the occasion!

The first thing we encountered in the garage was a photographer with a whole slew of props. The kids LOVED it! Not only were they taking unlimited photos, but they were printing them out for you too AND putting them on their website so we could download them later. I could NOT resist posing as Wonder Woman! :)

The kids were psyched to have another one of those pop up pools to cool off in.

Nana got hang with baby Jake for his first Fourth of July :)

Miss Sassypants :)

The girls got face painting and tattoos

Little Miss Isabella had some fun with all the photo props :)

And so did I apparently ;) (Ella was not happy to see me like this, lol)

Look at this cute display of all past years at their parties. They have photos of guests and special moments so people can look back over the prior years. Pretty cool idea!

And they set up tons of tents and tables to keep everyone comfy and cool!

Their deck had a karaoke machine, games, a bar and other fun stuff.

Bomb pop popsicles! :)

We had such a great time, and it was so awesome to have this time with my family.

At nightfall it was time to pay tribute to the flag!

We started with the sparklers :)

And grabbed some glow necklaces and bracelets

These people put on a kick a$$ fireworks show for a backyard party! AMAZING!!!

This was both my girls first time seeing fireworks :)

She got a little scared and tired and was like, I am ready to go home, lol!

I have no pics but the dessert buffet that was set up at the end was UNRIVALED by anything I have ever seen! There was so many different cookies, cakes, baked goods, ice cream, coffee, etc. It was unreal. And my hands were too full for the camera. ha ha ha.

It was a great party and a wonderful time. Also our family went a little CRAZY in the photo booth. So to see the pics click here!!

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