Sunday, July 24, 2011

Holding it together... barely :)

So tomorrow is the big day. My first baby is going to Kindergarten. I am not going to lie, I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it. I have been editing pictures of my trip to Boston and I keep staring at the pictures of my little niece Isabella. I remember Ella being that age like it was yesterday. And I definitely remember Jimmy and I thinking 2011 seemed so far away. And I am sure my sister Lisa and her husband Dave think Kindergarten is so far away for Isabella too. And yet here we are... already.

I have had the privilege to stay home with my baby and raise her these past 43/4 years. And although I have days that I hate, I have LOVED my time with her. I am having a hard time letting go and accepting that she will now officially spend more time with her peers and teachers at school during the week, then she will with us at home. Also Ryen is starting pre-school two days a week. And I can see her first day of Kindergarten right around the corner.

Today I took Ella for a special day with Mommy to celebrate her first day of school tomorrow. I surprised her with a makeover and photo shoot at Glamour shots. I also took her to lunch at Rainforest Cafe which is one of her favorite places. I had such an amazing time with her today. I took lots of photos and watched every shy smile that spread across her face :) She loved it! When it was over they played for me a slideshow of all the pics they took. The song "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" was playing and I could not believe how big she looked. And suddenly I was in tears. Like bad. The salesgirl grabbed my hand cause she felt sorry for me. This is the first time I have cried about Kindergarten starting and it was in a gosh darn Glamour Shots!??? I felt so stupid and embarrassed and apologized to the girl, explaining it was not so much the photos making me cry, but the fact that my girl was starting Kindergarten tomorrow and I am a little (well I guess a lot) emotional about it. She probably thought I was a psycho. ;)

Here is a sneak peak of the blog post that will be coming soon about our day at Glamour Shots. Wish me luck tomorrow as I am sure I will be disgracing my daughter by sobbing at the bus stop and at school. Better wear big sunglasses. :)

PS: right now I am thinking 2024 is so far away too and yet something tells me I will be at her High School Graduation saying it seemed like just yesterday she was starting Kindergarten and I was crying in a Glamour Shots :'( I love you Ella Bella.

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  1. Why does she look SOOO beautiful and grown up in this picture? Where is little Ella? Oh mama you are in trouble now. Gorgeous and smart. Look out world.