Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Day at the Beach with Uncle Greg

While visiting Boston it just so happened that Uncle Greg and his girlfriend Sarah were going to be in Cape Cod visiting his parents and sister fohe Fourth. So we HAD to go down to their house to spend the day. We were so excited! We ended up going to this Country Club on the beach with a super fun and beautiful pool area and then stairs that led down to a bar and a private beach. The girls were ALL over the pool asap!

I felt a little strange at first because I am so laid back around the pool when it comes to my children, but others are not. Especially in New England where most people don't have a pool in their backyard and kids only get a few months a year to be able to swim. My kids are so comfortable in the pool, Ella can swim unassisted and Ryen knows her limitations and doesn't push them.

Many people freak out about the idea of a child getting too far away from their parent or heading over to a pool by themselves, in case they should try to go in alone or fall in. I knew Ryen would not wade in past her knees out of fear, and if one of my kids did fall in, I would be in the water within seconds to grab them, so I have never panicked but I have ALWAYS watched them close. I have also taught them to be careful around pools, don't lean over and reach for something etc. Pool safety has been drilled into them from a young age. But every time Ryen would leave me and walk away to go over to the pool, someone would chase after like, "no you don't" and bring her back. The more then did this, the more fun this game became for her and the more she kept doing it on purpose. Kids are funny like that. It took a lot to convince them not to chase her and let her go, but they finally did. Sort of ;)

I just think she was so cute that they liked chasing her :)

But this little Diva held her own in the cuteness department too!

It was hard for everyone to believe that Ella could swim so well since she is only 4. I think they were even slightly questioning my judgement at letting her in the pool by herself, no matter how many times I told everyone, she's ok she has been swimming since she was 2. Funniest story of the day was when Greg's cousin dropped her glasses off her head and into the pool. All the adults were looking down into the water trying to find them. Ella spotted them, dove to the bottom of the pool came up with them and said "here you go". From that point on, I don't think anyone doubted her swimming ability, ha ha ha!! :)
Shark and Hula dancer!

They LOVE playing with Uncle Greg!

Next we headed down to the beach for some fun!

And I just couldn't resist some sandy snuggles with my sand baby! PS: check out the arm and back muscles-woot woot! ;)

Ella had a blast building a sand castle and moat with Sarah (a San Diego native who is a seasoned sand castle builder! ha ha!)

Ryen and I had a blast running into waves...

And Ella and Ryen both loved jumping over them :)

Uncle Greg helped Ryen go airborne a few times :) (BEST PICTURE BELOW!!)

More playing in the waves with Uncle Greg

What a special day with some great people. :)

Afterwards we headed back to The Bell household for an amazing spread of Steak, Lobster, and all sorts of delicious side dishes and desserts. :) First we showered and changed into our jammies.

After dinner the girls got spoiled with some cookies by Mrs. Bell :)

And the dog got spoiled with some cuddles :)

Even though they graciously offered us a place to sleep, I know my babies don't sleep well and wake up at the crack of dawn, so I thought it would be better to put them in the car at bedtime and let them sleep the entire way home from the Cape back to Framingham. Worked like a charm thanks to an exhausting day of Sun and Fun! :)

Thanks for the hospitality Bell Family! xo

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