Monday, January 2, 2012

10 in 10 for 2012

I start off every New Year with my 10 in 10 list. 4 years ago I was inspired by the movie The Bucket List to make a list of things I hoped to do, see, accomplish in my life time. The whole idea behind 10 in 10 is that a bucket list can seem a little overwhelming. Especially as you get older and realize you are STILL not crossing anything off it. So the 10 in 10 was a way for me to narrow down my list. I choose 10-20 of the things I think I can REASONABLY accomplish in the next 10 years and then see how many I can cross off.

Just making the list makes you motivated to cross the stuff off. Almost like once you touch the pen to paper or type the letters on the keypad, these tasks, trips, and goals don't seem just like an idea anymore. They seem like a calling. They take on a life of their own. At least for me. So I've actually been crossing more than one off a year and hope to keep doing so. Especially since my bucket list is pretty long. :)

PS: the list changes every year as I cross things off and as I am inspired to add new things to it. :) Here are my newest 10 in 10 for 2012 followed by the items I have crossed off my bucket list in the last couple years...

1. Learn to sew (2012?)
2. A tropical vacation (2012?)
3. Volunteer in my community (2012?)
4. Try rollerblading for the first time (2012?)
5. Swan boat ride and duck tour in Boston (2012?)
6. Picnic/horse and carriage ride in Central Park
7. Take my girls to Fenway Park
8. Sky Dive
9. Work on a house for Habitat for Humanity
10. Snorkeling in Australia
11. Go back to Hawaii
12. Visit Chicago
13. Visit Seattle
14. Go to Atlantis in the Bahamas...
15. Ride a tandem bike with my hubby
16. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
17. Go ice skating again
18. Renew my vows in Italy
19. Take some cooking classes
20. Go to Europe

Crossed off the list:
Have another Baby (2008)
Become a Brunette (2009)
Complete a Triathlon (2009)
Start a side-Business from home (2009)
Renew my Wedding Vows (2009)
Get really into fitness (2009/2010)
Go Skiing for the FIRST time (2010)
Get on the Bone Marrow Donor Registry (2010)

Become a runner (2010)
Run a Half Marathon (2010)
Take a photography workshop (2010)
Donate my hair to patients with cancer (2010)
Take my children to Disney (2011)
Take my kids to Polar Express (2011)
Buy a bike (2011)


  1. I love these lists. I like how you make it more managable than a life long list--- putting a timeline on it... makes it more likely I will do it!!

  2. Thanks Brenna! I would love to see your list if you decide to put one together! It really does motivate you instead of putting it off till "whenever I get to it" :)