Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toy Story 3 on Ice

We had never taken our girls to an ice show before. I just knew when I saw that Toy Story was coming it was the perfect show for them. They are sort of princessed out by now AND they both love Toy Story so this was great! :) But it was a surprise...

Since we were at the arena where the Suns play, Daddy kept telling the girls we were there to see a basketball game the whole time, but they weren't buying it! They chased after him on the way to our seats and kept looking around for clues.

Start the show!

Instantly mesmerized

All our Toy Story friends are here!!

(all of these pics had to be taken in the dark with no flash so sorry for the lack of quality)

Goofing off during intermission

Let's finish the show!!

Look Daddy!

All said, it was a great show, a great time and the kids LOVED it :)

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