Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Falling in Love with FALL!

I seriously have never ever in almost 32 years on this Earth been more excited for FALL then I am right now. I am so done with Summer and ready for the cooler weather. If it weren't for the Christmas Season I would easily say that Fall is my favorite Season. But I have to go with Winter as #1 because of all the cool Holiday events and parties and music and excitement and wonder that come along with it.I am walking in stores and just see FALL everywhere I look. The stores already have fall wreaths and scarecrows and EEK Halloween Costumes! I cant believe it! Maybe also it is because my two babies are both Fall babies and we have that to look forward to also. When the cooler weather hits we basically spend every night at the park after dinner with our friends. It is great! We really look forward to that time and to catching up with friends that we don't get to see so much while we are all couped up indoors. I cant wait for Ella to ride her bike more and for Ryen to play in the sand. Just everything! I cant WAIT for Halloween. Ryen is going to be a cute little bumble bee and Ella is going to be allowed to pick her own. I cant wait for our neighborhood Halloween party and FOOTBALL season is starting in a week or so! Oh MY GOSH! Lazy Sundays watching Football and anxiously staring at my fantasy football scoreboard, hoping I can repeat my championship victory of last year.

The only thing missing is the changing of the leaves which strangely for us happens in like January when it gets cool enough for them to turn a little color and fall off the trees. We never get the vibrant fall colors of the East Coast, but then again we never get the freezing temps that keep us bone chilling cold and indoors from Nov to March either. Everything is a trade off I suppose.

We have had a GREAT Summer of swimming and splashpads and vacations, but are ready to begin a new season. Hence I felt the need to change my blog, in the hopes maybe Fall will arrive a little faster! Hee Hee!


  1. We went to Coronado Island in San Diego and got back home late Sunday night! I love your new blog background...

  2. I miss the leaves changing too! Fall is by far my favorite. I love the smells, oooohh the smells. Thanks for your tribute. It makes me think it is fall. . .even if it is still 100 degrees outside.

  3. Yay, Fall! Cute new blog format and family pic. I just saw all the pictures with the hot mommas. Miss all of you. ~Rebekah