Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Elf has returned!

Here we go! Our Elf returned today to get us excited for our Christmas countdown which starts this Saturday. Just like last year our Elf returned with a North Pole Breakfast. (Good thing our Elf was here EARLY this morning as the girls were both awake BEFORE 6am.

Our Elf brought our kids favorites like candy cane donuts, bacon, strawberries, chocolate milk and hot chocolate. She also brought these cute peppermint snowflake pretzels from the North pole...Oh and apparently she has a gambling problem as she brought my kids scratch tickets.

The kids were so excited. My favorite was when Ella looked at me and said "Mommy!! The Elf made breakfast so now you don't have to!" ha ha.

The girls loved it. They won $6 on their scratch tickets and today we were able to get two more. :) Also this year it was Ella's turn to pick our gender and name. Our Elf is a girl and her name is Bella.

And I love that Bella brought The Polar Express bells from Santa this year. They kept shaking them in their ear. It was so cute!

Here's to another month of Elf fun! If I can remember to move her everyday... oops

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