Friday, February 27, 2009

To Botox or Not To Botox?

So my friend Pam is hysterical and totally fearless. She is such a girly girl and so down to Earth having no problem telling it like it is! The other day I get this hysterical email from her that she is turning 30 and to celebrate she is treating herself to a BOTOX party! I LOVE this! So funny! And I love that she is cool enough to not care who knows it! LOL.

So it got me thinking and laughing, what must our grandmothers generation think of us? They used to get together for bridge nights, tupperware parties, and recipe exchanges. What would they think of women today having bunko night, sex toy parties and botox nights! So funny how times have changed... Anyhow she is looking for girls who want to join her in treating themselves for some botox! She needs a minimum of 6 girls. So I thought I would share the story and maybe find one or two of you who have the money to burn right now. You can contact my friend Pam if you are interested at

As for me, I am terrified of Botox but not against it. Just dont have the funds to do it right now. All my money is going towards removing the dimples in my butt cheeks and not the wrinkles in my forehead... for now! LOL =)

On a happier note, in a month with my trainer I am down 9 pounds and 2 dress sizes. I have one more month to go. Wish me luck in being good this weekend since working out is probably not going to happen in any real meaningful fashion. I am running around like crazy visiting family with Ryen and getting ready for my sister's bridal shower. So at least I am going all day which is burning calories, and I am SUPER watching what I eat! Good choices only this weekend!

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