Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lots of Fun Photos to Share!!

So I have had so many fun events lately where I have taken some GREAT Photos. I hate to have a different post for each one so I am just going to have a smorgasbord of photos...

My Sister Lisa's Bachelorette Party in Boston (Feb 28th)
We had dinner at Fugakyu Japanese Sushi Restaurant before heading to the Greatest Bar near the Fleet Center for some dancing and plenty of drinking...

The photos don't show our dance offs with retro moves like the running man, cabbage patch, and robot!

Children's Museum of Phoenix (March 6th)

There were SO many photos of the Museum that I had to make this one it's own post. See below!

Our Friend George's 40th Birthday Celebration (Last Night)
Our friend Teresa had us over for a "Surprise" 40th Birthday for her husband last night. Many of our neighbors were there and it was GREAT to hang out with everyone with NO kids...

What you're not seeing is George (the birthday boy)because he was tough to nail down, and you are not seeing the Keg Stands he did last night to celebrate his BIG 4-0. Yes you heard that right... KEG STANDS! Love it!

Our Very Special Ride to Dunkin Donuts (This Morning)
This morning I threw Ella in the car (in her jammies, robe and slippers) to head right to Dunkin Donuts for some goodies. The whole way she was saying Mommy I want to see Hot Air Balloons. We couldn't find any at first... Next thing I know I am pulling off the road and dragging her from the car! We got to watch a Hot Air Balloon 100 ft away from us inflate and lift off.

I can't express how awestruck Ella was. She was pointing and jumping up and down and waving and OF COURSE I had my camera for photos! I LOVE this City!

Lazy Picnic Day of Play at the Park (This Afternoon)
Ella wanted to play with friends today, so we made a picnic playdate at the park with some other neighbors too. The weather was great and we had a blast just lounging in the sun. Rachel, Ella and Amber played so cutely together and I got to snap come cute photos.

My friend Jackie then lined up the kids for a game of red rover. Ella had more fun holding her friends hands and laughing then she did playing the game! No one called her to come over and all she wanted to do was run! LOL

What you don't see is all the adults laying on the grass recovering from last nights party! ;-)

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