Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rent- Date Night/Photos of the Girls

Jimmy and I went to see Rent last night (my 6th time) and although he was sort of miserable I sure had a blast! There were three original cast members there last night (from its debut in 1996 and its original run). The show was awesome as usual! But I think it will be my last time. There are so many other shows I want to take and I want to start seeing them instead... But I LOVED the Gammage and thought it was beautiful and can't wait to get back there, AND I can't wait for our next DATE NIGHT! =)

I am having SO much fun taking so many photos of my girls! I am addicted to my camera... I have taken some great shots lately and wanted to share some of them here! Many more are posted on my family site but here are some cute ones of Ella.

And here is Ryen:

I also happened to sneak up on Daddy and some private moments with the girls today that are just TOO cute for words...

Lastly, cananyone recommend a good Tatoo place out here?


  1. I went to Hotrod tattoo and i DONT RECOMMEND them... no matter what anyone else says! But my best friend goes to a guy named Justin I will give you a card next time I see you! Here is his myspace url:

    all the work in his photos is his!

  2. Adrianna you are the second person to recommend him and he is the only recommendations we have gotten! Weird huh!