Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

So.. my sister's wedding was this past weekend and I had some lofty baby weight loss goals in order to get ready for this day. For those of you have been keeping track of my progress, keeping me HONEST and keeping me motivated this update is for you. You may remember my goal was to fit into my size 8 bridesmaid dress by the wedding. Not only did I fit into it but I actually ended up downsizing to a SIZE 6! So YES I did hit my goals! Yeah! I still have a ways to go till I am satisfied with my body fat and overall health, but at least I know now how to get there and can only get even healthier from here...

Lisa and Dave's wedding was at Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, MA. There was a cool photo booth where you could take photos as momentos and a candy bar to make some sweet treats to take with you... We had so much fun and there are some great photos below that I am proud to show of my family and friends having a blast!

There are two photos, I am NOT proud to show off, but here they are anyway... I apparently should have been shut off by the bartenders about 5 drinks before I left, because I was so tipsy (which is putting it mildly) and it was raining and I had on 5 inch heels. Anyhow I ended up falling while trying to get in the shuttle to the hotel and I crashed down on my shin and knee. My shin is more blue and yellow every day and hurts to put weight on it for the first few days, and my knee has an ugly purple bruise! Here are my battle wounds! =( I just hope they are healed before my Triathlon this weekend! What the HECK was I thinking?????

My sister's wedding was right down the road from where Jimmy and I got married, almost 5 Years ago, which is historic Plymouth MA! So we thought it would be fun to bring the girls to Plymouth to see where our family was "officially" started. We had lunch at Isaac's (the place where Jimmy and I held our rehearsal dinner), and we walked the main street, looked at the boats, and visited the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock (which you will see by the photos below... really is just a big rock). Here are some photos! Enjoy...

Where we got married: The Plymouth Yacht Club!

Where we said our vows by the water and the Happy Couple 5 years later:

Photos of us and the kids in historic Plymouth MA:

April 13th was also our 8 year anniversary of when we started dating! AWWW!! Happy Anniversary Honey! I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. I am so happy for you Jill that you were able to go beyond your goal. All the photos look awesome! I am glad that all of you had a great time!

  2. Jill- you look awesome! Congratulations! U give me inspiration!!