Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day-Birthday-Anniversary!

Happy Earth Day!

So Today, April 22nd. EARTH DAY! Yeah! Ella and I decided in honor of Earth Day we would buy some planter boxes. Mommy made herself an herb garden and Ella has a new flower garden of her own. Ella LOVES gardening and is always asking me if we can go out in the garden. Below are some photos of her new gear/tools as well as our new planters!! Now I just hope I can actually grow something in them, as I have a black thumb =(

Happy Birthday!

It is also my older sister LISA's 35th Birthday today! WOW! She is such a hugely important person in my life and I have missed her so much while she has been on her honeymoon. Not being able to talk to her for 10 whole days was torture. I didn't realize how much I need her in my life until I couldn't have her. She was the first person I wanted to call when I finished my triathlon and I couldn't reach her. It sucked. I am so happy for her and her hubby Dave and their new life together. Hopefully they will have baby news soon and I cant WAIT to see her morph into a wonderful Mother and to be there to help her welcome her babies into the World! Sob...sob... Here are some photos of me and the Birthday Girl! I am also so thankful that I have the same relationship with my twin sister Lori. I have great Sisters (which is why Ryen's middle name is in honor of them both- LORISSA)

Lastly, Happy Anniversary!

Today is also the day that Jimmy and I were handed the keys to our first home, FIVE years ago! I can not believe five years went by so fast. Seems like I moved here just last year. We still love Arizona as much as when we first moved here, if not more. In celebration of our five years we decided to do a face lift to the outside of the house. Here are a few photos of our house and how it has changed in five years... besides the addition of two children that is ;-) AND it took me FIVE years but I finally convinced one of my family members to move out here too! My Twin Sister Lori and her daughter Olivia and Boyfriend David will be joining us in Sunny Beautiful AZ this JUNE! WOO HOO! (Before photos on left after photos on right)


  1. Jill, I saw your blog on your facebook. It is awesome! I have one too (well 3 actually...ok, yes that I a lot)! Just wanted to tell you how great I thought yours was and that your looked great at your sister's wedding!

  2. I am jealous I want an herb garden so bad. Good luck with it.