Thursday, October 15, 2009

SuperMom has been SUPER-stressed

OK so anyone who has been reading my Facebook posts lately has seen that I have been stressed lately. The kids have been real hard! Actually Ella has been OK but Ryen is the one giving me such a hard time. My angel... uggh... I wont repeat here all the trouble she has been giving me cause those of you that are close to me already know.

Anyhow tonight at dinner I was playing peek-a-boo pizza with Ryen and low and behold she gives me a toothy grin and I see 8... yes EIGHT... teeth in her mouth. Last week she had 4.5 teeth. Whoops! LOL. I mean I knew she was teething but those dang teeth are so hard to see until they pop through. I thought she was getting one or two... not 4 at once! I was also getting so frustrated with her that she started this screaming crying crap when she wants something. It has been annoying to say the least. She screamed and cried for like 5 minutes straight in the car cause she wanted Ella's juice box. But I had an epiphany today. This baby girl is not screaming and crying to be a brat or to throw a tantrum. She is SO frustrated by her lack of ability to communicate with me about what she wants. So I will just be patient and help her communicate and love on her a little bit more than I have been, if that is even possible ...sigh.

I got so behind on my blogging of photos so I am not even going to care about it anymore. I am just going to post some of my favorites from this point on and take all that pressure off myself! Yeah! So enjoy these random shots of my beauties. I promise to stay more up to date on sharing photos. =)


  1. Just stopped by to see your blog. We have the same title. Cute. I Googled "The Adventures of Supermom" today and was astounded at how many other Supermoms there are out there. Anyway, you have a cute blog and I just wanted to say hello to another fellow Supermom!

  2. Those pictures are so freaking cute! Your girls are so beautiful it makes me even more excited about having Lizzy. Hopefully now that the teeth are in the stress will go down.