Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holy Halloween Festivities!

This was such a busy week for us! There were so many Halloween events and festivities, and of course lots of photos to share.

Tuesday we went to a Halloween party at our friends Kim and Kendall's house. Kim went all out for us and had craft items real cool decorations, goody bags etc! It was so much fun! Here are some cute photos! Ella was a Fem-bot and Ryen was a kitty cat with only half her face painted cause she would NOT cooperate! LOL You have no idea how hard it was to get this group shot of all the kids!

Thursday I took the girls to a Pumpkin Patch so we could buy another pumpkin for Daddy (for seeds) and take some cute photos:

Friday our friends Christa, Tula and Maverick had us over for their FIRST annual (and turns out their last) Halloween party. (private joke- ha ha). This time Ella was Minnie Mouse and Ryen just wore Halloween clothes. Ella loved the trampoline and Ryen couldn't stop climbing up on tables. I made spooky popcorn hands and they were a hit.

Saturday Ella had a belly ache. So we left her home with Daddy and I took Ryen to Whole Foods this morning to paint a pumpkin and eat yummy cookies and ghoulish lemonade! Here are some photos.

Then I took her to Michaels where we had some more fun! We made spooky silly pencils with cool toppers. Then we made a cool spider magnet. After we colored with markers (she was more eating the markers than coloring). And then the BEST part! We got lollipops and balloons on the way out! She thought the lollipop was the best thing she had ever experienced!

Later it was time for our annual neighborhood pot luck and trick or treating. Ryen was a bumble bee and Ella was Tinkerbell! Mommy even got in on the fun and dressed as Queen Bee to match my Baby Bee! Aww...

I was kind of bummed that Ella's hair came out GREEN since I clearly bought bright yellow hair spray paint. She was supposed to be blonde like Tinkerbell. But she didn't care she just kept saying the green matched her dress (which it DID perfect) so I let it go =( Hee hee

Can't wait for next year! But I am T-I-R-E-D from this past week. And now this week kicks off three birthday celebrations for Ella... Uggh!!!


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