Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ella's Birthday Photos

It dawned on me recently that I never posted the photos from Ella's birthday week. Supermom must have been paralyzed by some Kryptonite to forget something like that?!! We had two parties for Ella. One was with our neighborhood friends at our park. We had it on her actual birthday 11/2 and all the kids met up to play at the playground. We had pizza, and hello kitty cupcakes that Ella picked out at the store, and then presents! It was great. Thanks to all our neighbors who came out to help us celebrate after school. Here are some photos:

We also had a party with our playgroup besties on Saturday at Peter Piper Pizza. It was a princess themed party and all the girls were invited to wear a princess dress to the party along with Ella. It was so cute to see all the princesses walking around. People were smiling and pointing at them as they walked by. So adorable. We had a great time and Ella LOVED it! My favorite part was letting all the girls take all the tissue paper from all the gifts and throw it up in the air over and over and let it rain down on them. It was so colorful and there was so much of it. Even the babies were mesmerized! :) Thanks to all our friends who made it out. Here are some photos:

Happy Birthday Ella!

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  1. That cake was awesome...what a great Birthday party at PPP. Remember when about 200 high school band members came roaring through the doors?!