Monday, February 8, 2010


Today I came across a blog that I am truly raw with emotion after reading. This woman embodies everything I aspire to be. She is the true Supermom. I am just borrowing her "title" for my blog to remind me to keep trying to improve everyday. If you have time to check out her blog you will find the most amazing stories, and photos and appreciation for the little things in life.

The Universe just threw this family the biggest curve ball they never saw coming. And yet the spirit of this Family and this Mother just moves me beyond belief. Their second daughter Nella was born Jan 22, 2010 with Down Syndrome.

My favorite part of this story was when their older daughter (big Sister) came to the hospital to meet her baby sister. She came with a clear mind, a clean slate, an empty canvas. She has no expectations of perfection, no stereotypes, no idea what Down Syndrome was. All she saw was a baby Sister. A baby it was her job to love and protect. And she was so happy, so excited, and so proud holding hugging and kissing her baby sister. The mother actually saw this and thought this is how we all should be. We all should love this unconditionally. The way a child loves. And seeing her older daughter embrace Nella like this, helped this Mom and her Husband embrace and love their new addition with just as much enthusiasm and excitement and PRIDE!

The other part of this story that touched me hard is she calls her baby Nella, her bunny. I have called Ryen my bunny since she came home. Ry Bunny, or Ry Bun. Or just plane Bunny. To share that with her and share having two girls, caught in my throat.

I truly don't think I am the same after reading this woman's blog and I am so glad that because of her, I know it is not too late to stop bitching and complaining about tantrums or attitude or talking back or binky addictions or throwing food off high chairs or spilling too much water in the bathtub. And instead of bitching about all the part of motherhood that suck I am going to start embracing all the parts that are AMAZING. And when I start to slip into my old ways she will be there to keep me inspired and keep me honest and keep me striving to be a better Mom. This Mom's name is Kelle and she has no idea what an influence she is about to become in my life.

The URL of her blog is and that is truly what she is going to teach me to do. Enjoy the Small Things! Thanks Kelle.


  1. I am came here from your post on Kelle's blog. It's nice to meet you. :)

  2. Aw. See, now you made ME cry! Ha. Thank you so much for that...that's beautiful. And I love that you call your Ry your bunny. Your family is beautiful!!