Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

So everyone knows by now I have been trying to spend quality FUN time with my kids for the last couple weeks. We have been doing so many things that were out of character for me, as I aspire to make some changes. Here are some examples of what we have done lately:

Today was such a fun day for me. Ella went to school this morning and I had some Ryen alone time. First we cuddled and lounged with the dogs while we watched TV. Then Ryen and I hit the grocery store, and she had a blast! She sat for the first time in the little car buggy with the steering wheel and beeped the horn throughout the store. She also ate a bunch of strawberries and bananas and pretzels and she got down to run around and gather tomatoes for me while I waited at the deli counter. And of course I got tons of compliments on my beautiful little girl :)

After school and during Ryen's nap I had Ella alone time! Shopping and girly stuff. We went dress shopping for Ella's friend Madison who's birthday party is this weekend. Ella picked up a super cute dress and matching cardigan for Madison, declaring "that's perfect Mommy." Of course she also had to grab a dress for herself. Boy they sure do learn these things young huh?
On to the next store where I bought some great buys from one of my favorite collections called "Popatu". An adorable glitter tutu dress one piece for Ella and a two piece oneside with matching tulle skirt for Ry Bunny. I cant wait to dress them up in these! A close ups of our fabulous buy:

Then it was off to Target to surprise Ella with a pair of rain boots so we could go splash in puddles. She has never owned a pair of rainboots cause quite frankly I don't think we need them in the desert. But she LOVES to jump in puddles. And usually I don't let her cause it will ruin her shoes, or clothes, or make a mess of her or the car. Today I decided kids are supposed to jump in puddles, and Moms... well they are supposed to clean up messes. So off we went. She picked out Hello Kitty boots (of course) and she also picked out an adorable umbrella. Here are the photos of her having the time of her life actually being allowed and encouraged to jump in puddles.

She wore these boots pretty much right up till bedtime and would have slept in them if I would let her. :) sigh... the best $15 I have spent in a long time. When we got home from puddle jumping Ryen was awake from her nap and chasing Daddy and the Doggies around the house. Ella and I changed our rain soaked clothes and grabbed Ryen and headed to the library for some book reading and computer time. Here are both my girls having fun playing on the computers at the library:

The girls were both good during dinner and afterwards Ella drew masterpieces with her Art set and practiced using her scissors while Ryen played and read books. Both went to bed with minimal complaints. A great day indeed!

I didn't make it to the gym today like I hoped to, but I put lots of smiles on both my girls faces today and on mine too. The gym will always be waiting for me tomorrow...


  1. What a fun day! I bet your daughters love having you as a Mom :)

  2. Ah so fun! Puddle jumping is the best and it's so fun to just hear them laugh their hearts out! And those dresses are adorable! Maybe I'll see you at the gym this morning? lol

  3. The umbrella pics look like an Ad right of JC Penny lol