Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun at Bass Pro Shops!

Recently we took the kids to Bass Pro Shops for some fun. We had never been there and knew there would be some photo ops and the kids would love being able to climb on everything. They did indeed. Here are some of the girls playing on the "toys".

They both loved the giant fish tank too! They were so cute sitting together watching the fish go by. Ryen kept yelling out "FISH-EES" every time one swam by her. It was adorable. Here are photos of them at the fish tank...

We also enjoyed posing with some of the "wildlife" in the store. The only place we didn't let the girls go was the gun section or the shooting range. We just think they are too young. But Ella did fall IN LOVE with a Barbie Fishing pole and has been begging us to get it for her for either her birthday or Christmas. I don't know if we can wait that long with the Summer coming and us considering taking her camping in May... We will see!

If you have an afternoon to kill and want to have some fun then this a great and "free" experience to have with the kiddos. There is also a restaurant on site if you like fish and game!

This weekend I think we are going to take them to The Rainforest Cafe...

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  1. Love the Rainforest Cafe for kids. If we move to Power Ranch they have a catch and release fishing hole. Ella might talk you into the barbie pole.