Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enjoy your delicious moments...

Two weekends ago took the kids to the 22nd Annual Chandler Ostrich Festival. We went on Friday at around 3pm and stayed till 8pm. The kids LOVED it!!! This is a once a year event that comes to our city. Is it expensive? Sure. Is it worth it!? Heck yeah! We go into it knowing we are going to drop between $150-200 total for the day between food, ride bracelets, parking, admission and games. But for the four of us and for what we get out of it... priceless. So is the look on our kid's face when they are whizzing around on those rides, or when the sun goes down and the lights come on... and everything seems like ...magic.

By far my TWO favorite moments from the Carnival are here. These are scanned souvenirs so sorry for the quality:
Ella's face on this roller coaster ride is priceless.

And of course I took so many photos that this will be a ridiculously long post, but mostly filled with PHOTOS and not words. :) We started out on the Ferris wheel and then headed over to the mini roller coaster, where Ella was throwing her head back and laughing so hard. She was loving it and kept yelling "Hi Mommy" and waving as she came around. It was awesome.

Mommy and Ella on Ferris wheel while Ryen looks on with Daddy
Ella on the mini roller coaster:
Ella and Mommy riding all the rides:
I got to take BOTH my babies on the Carousel (the only ride for Ryen) We stopped to get some food and decided to order a pizza we could all eat instead of going to 4 different yummy vendor booths. I LOVED the quote on the front of the Pizza box so much that I had to steal it for the title of this blog, "Enjoy your delicious moments." I had a smile from ear to ear as I watched my babies eat NOT ONE BITE of our $20 pizza cause they were too busy running around and begging to go in bounce houses or on rides or eat ice cream and popcorn instead! And this truly was one of those delicious moments that I was enjoying so much. Below are the rest of the collages of the fun we had.

Ryen had lots of fun too, even though she was too little for rides:
The funniest photos of the evening for me:And the coolest photos of the night for me:
See you next year! :)

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