Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday FAMILY Fun!

Since Jimmy has every Friday off we try to plan some fun activities for Fridays, and spend the day as a Family! This morning we went to Ella's recital at her school (photos and videos of the recital on Ella's school blog are here). Afterward we went to an Angel's spring training game against the Rockies at Tempe Diablo stadium this afternoon. Here are some photos of our day at Spring Training.

After the game we came home for Pizza and then Ella and I had our first Mommy and Me Ice Skating Class. It was so cute. Ella was hilarious! She kept wanting to "skate" and glide rather than learn how to skate. The instructor was telling us to march and practice walking on the ice by picking up our feet. But she wanted to glide. Which meant fall unless I held her up. My back was killing me 10 minutes into it. When I finally told her she had to listen to her teacher and do what they were trying to teach her rather than try to skate (which she is not ready for) she responded with, I already know how to skate Mommy and I just want to go do my figure eights. (this is thanks to a Max and Ruby episode she has seen 100 times! LMAO). We had so much fun. She finally started listening and she did great! She fell a few times but was able to get up by herself every time and she never complained. She was jealous of the older skater girls that were wearing pretty costumes and leg warmers and dresses and asked if she could wear one next week. I can't wait for next week. Here are the photos:

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