Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friday Fun with Friends!

Last Friday was such a fun for me and the kids. I dropped Ella off at pre-school and went to meet up with our Friday playgroup. Ella hasn't seen these kids much since she has been going MWF but pretty soon she will be in school Tu/Th so she will see more of them soon. Ryen is finally starting ti actually climb and play at playgrounds and go down slides etc. It makes me nervous of course and I am unable to relax cause I have to be up there with her. But here are some photos I was able catch of my Ry Bunny exploring...

We actually managed to get all the kids on the bench for a photo by bribing them with munchkins.

Later that day we grabbed Ella from school and hit another park, this time with our neighbors...

Then after the park Ella was invited to dinner by her friend Jacqueline. It was a VERY impromptu dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with some of our friends. Thank goodness for Michella who had body glitter, nail polish and lip gloss to keep the kids entertained while they waited for their food. The kids did great at first, but fell apart in between dinner and dessert. And after dessert, while trying to pay the checks was a nightmare. Kids were running everywhere (or trying to anyway) and sitting at/messing up other tables. Lets just say the restaurant was probably relieved when we all left! (click photo below to view larger then hit back button to get back to the Blog)

We had a GREAT dinner and a BLAST with our friends. Afterward we ran around the mall for a bit, but the kids were CRAZY and on a sugar high. Mine went home and crashed hard after a wonderful day of fun with friends. This is what childhood is all about, and I am glad Ella is still talking about her dinner with friends.

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